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To have a universal recognition that songs play a spiritual and intellectual role in society which is of profound and lasting benefit to humanity.


To protect and develop the creative and business environments for songwriters in Canada and around the world.


Advocacy - Education - Community

An association led by active professional songwriters, the S.A.C. is committed to the development and recognition of Canadian composers, lyricists and songwriters by pursuing:
  • their right to benefit from and receive fair compensation for, the use of their work;
  • the advancement of the craft and enterprise of songwriting through educational programs, networking opportunities, dissemination of business knowledge and other services;
  • a more favourable environment through the provision of a united national voice when dealing with government, the music industry and the general public; and
  • the development of activities which allow members to reach out and enjoy the sense of community shared by songwriters.

Part of the S.A.C.'s mandate is to establish activities which allow members to reach out and enjoy a sense of community.

Many of our songwriters experience this aspect of membership by attending Songbird North (formerly Bluebird North), webinars online and participating in discussions at annual general meetings and the S.A.C.'s extensive music creator community online.

Members in regions all across Canada have the opportunity to create their own local songwriting community through the S.A.C. Regional Writers' Group program. For more information check the calendar for a group in your community, or contact us at 866-456-7664.