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Alison Hogan

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"If life is a shipwreck, we must not forget to sing in the lifeboats." Voltaire

Sounds Like:

Joni Mitchell, Rickie Lee Jones, Shawn Colvin, Suzanne Vega


Joni Mitchell, Bruce Cockburn, John Prine, Shawn Colvin, Rickie Lee Jones, Guy Clark

Favourite Singer/Songwriter:

Joni Mitchell

Songs by Alison Hogan

All The King's Horses


Well I was just turned seventeen
Said goodbye to Sweet Sixteen
Like every girl I thought love was forever

That summer he taught me to drive down by the dusty riverside
I fell hard and I fell deep
When I fell into that sweet sleep


We played a game of let’s pretend
I never wanted it to end
I gave my heart so carelessly
And when he gave the pieces back to me

All the king’s horses and all the king’s men
Couldn’t put ‘em back together again


He had eyes the colour of old blue jeans
Face from the cover of a magazine
And a heart as cold as the soul of December

But I was just too blind to see just what he had in mind for me
And I fell hard and I fell fast
Should have known it was too good to last


We played a game of let’s pretend
I never wanted it to end
I gave my heart so carelessly
And when he gave the pieces back to me

All the king’s horses and all the king’s men
Couldn’t put ‘em back together again


Sometimes a girl’s just got to let go
Cos it’s gonna hurt more than she can know
Sometimes a shattered heart is never whole again
Never whole again




Victoria, BC

Level of Experience:



Blues | Country | Folk and Traditional | R&B and Soul | Rock and Pop

I Write:

By myself | For others

Songs Recorded:

"Back to LA / Come on Home" (Pony Records) "Another Girl" (MCA Universal / Hummingbird Records)

Song Placements:

Lynne Taylor Donovan: "Angel in Your Eyes" : "Never Comin' Back" Tumbleweed: "Woman She Used to Be" Anna Beaumont: "This Time"

I am interested in:

Networking | Pitching Songs to Artists | Pitching Songs To Tv/Film/Etc. | Getting a Publishing Deal


Alison began her journey as a performing songwriter in West Coast clubs and coffeehouses before graduating from high school. Hired for a paying gig after appearing for the first time at an East Vancouver open mic, she went on to hone her craft busking on the streets of Gastown, and opening for Phil Ochs and Peter Yarrow at the Egress, before being invited to join the lineup for the inaugural Vancouver Folk Music Festival.

After a sojourn across the country which culminated in an appearance at the Yellow Door in Montreal, she returned to Vancouver to discover the joys of gypsy jazz with the lighthearted but deadly serious band, the Kitsilano Katkickers (a.k.a. Mystery Pacific) with Michael Dunn, Michael Heiden and Kitty King. This adventure saw a return to the VFMF mainstage and gigs ranging from diplomatic receptions at City Hall to opening for the great Stephane Grapelli.

In the 1980s Alison released an indie single (Back to LA / Come on Home Pony Records 1980) and two cassette albums of mostly original material, Rough Cuts (1982), and Rough Cuts II, the Sequel (1985). Turning her attention to exploring synth pop in the recording studio, she won a song contest and a nationwide slot on a 1984 EP released to radio with Close Call With Love, (co-written and produced with Kendra Sprinkling and Daryl Burgess).

Further success came in the form of a publishing deal with Bruce Allen Music, which resulted in a trip to Los Angeles to record Another Girl at MCA/Universal with Brock Walsh (producer / songwriter for the Pointer Sisters : Automatic). Another Girl was released as a single in Japan and featured in a TV commercial in 1985.

Alison’s diverse interests in many genres brought success with indie covers of her country and blues material by artists Lynne Taylor Donovan (Never Comin’ Back, Angel in Your Eyes), Anna Beaumont (This Time), Tumbleweed (Woman She Used to Be), and Penny White (Rainy Day).

Before leaving Vancouver for points west, Alison enjoyed considerable success with her Billie Holiday cover band, Hogan Sings Holiday. After releasing a CD, First Takes (Festival Distribution 1995), she moved to Victoria, the city she now calls home.

She has since returned to her first love, acoustic roots music, and has made several trips to Nashville to take advantage of workshop and networking opportunities, and drink in the ambience of the Tennessee countryside and the Ryman, the Mother Church of Country Music.

In 2016 she began work on a CD with drummer/producer Shawn Soucy at Spirit Studio in Surrey, BC. The collection will showcase the varied genres of Alison’s writing, encompassing country, blues, and acoustic roots and will feature a stellar lineup of Soucy on drums and percussion, Brent Gubbels (bass), Darryl Havers (piano/accordion), Nolan Murray (fiddle/mandolin) and pedal steel master Charlie Hase.

Alison’s skills as a guitarist and vocalist are the culmination of years of experience. Her songcraft is a constantly evolving roadmap of where she’s been on the journey to here.

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