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Andy Stark

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Life is always better when it is set to music.

Sounds Like:

Progressive Rock - Soundtracks


Life, Dreams, Experimental Sounds, Nature, A Glass of Chardonnay.

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Songs by Andy Stark

Born Innocent

The Song Born Innocent has no lyrics associated with it.


Cardboard Box

The Song Cardboard Box has no lyrics associated with it.


Life & Times

The Song Life & Times has no lyrics associated with it.


Past Passions

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Winter is coming

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Oakville, ON

Level of Experience:



Ambient | Electronic | Jazz | New Age | Rock and Pop | Other

I Write:

By myself | For myself | For others

I prefer to write:

Melody | Chord Patterns | Arrangements

Songs Recorded:

Dream Dog, West Coast Bump, Ant Farm, Armadillo, March of The Wolverines, Wally's Woes, Haunting Memories, Fancy Flight, Magical Moments, Birds & Bees, Mercury, Green Apple Pie, Portland, London Myst, Wasteland, Dark Morning, Industrial Accident, Assembly Line, New Day, Aftermath, Oakland Morning, Voyager, Sunday Blues, Electrical Votes, Doug's Garage Band, Creepy Clowns, Galaxy, Particles, Time, Event Horizon, The Keepers, The Exchange, KEystone 8, Long Distance, Rotary Dial, Partyline Blues, Lineman Boogie, Local Loop, Fingers do the Walking, Andy's Theme, Spirit, Wandering, Life & Times, Twinkle Trees, Runaway, Lost in San Francisco, Life & Times (Medley), Searching For Home, Secret Agent, The Anonymous Seller, Dreaming, The Waiting Game, Rejection, Contemplation, The Abyss, Serenity, Rhythms of Life, Summer Symphony, Summer Wind, Summer Nights, Summer Magic, Summer Love, Winter is Coming, Future Worlds, Future Breath, Future Art, Past Dreams, Past News, Past Passions, Cardboard Box, Look at Me, Holding Hands, Flood Water Rising, The Gun, Lost in Venice, Born Innocent, The Chase, Death & Heartache, Reclamation of a Soul

Albums Released:

Vintage Undercover Moog, Vintage Undercover Moog 2, Vintage Undercover Moog 3, Wally’s Woes, Green Apple Pie, Industrial Accident, Lamborghini Dream, The Keepers, KEystone 8, Life & Times, Searching for Home, Rhythms of Life, Sounds of Summer, Future Past, AWAY, Born Innocent

Song Placements:

Digital Distribution - Stark Records. Available from over 700 digital music stores online worldwide.

I am interested in:

Networking | Pitching Songs To Tv/Film/Etc.

Other Jobs:

Recording, Music Publishing & Marketing


Musician, composer and producer Andy Stark has recorded a series of pioneering progressive rock music albums & EPs under the codename Stark Sound Lab, a Progressive Rock inspired experimental music project that creates original music and soundtracks.

The roots of Stark Sound lab go back to 1968, when the fledgling Moog synthesizer was just becoming part of the mainstream. At that time Andy had a strong interest in electronic music and began making experimental tape recordings. This continued into the early 1980s, when the pressures of earning a living took Andy on a 30-year detour into a career of marketing.

In July of 2016 Andy recommitted to his music on a full-time basis. In the fall of that year, Andy started releasing his library of works in digital stores worldwide.

Even with all of the technological changes in music production over the years, Andy still composes on and for his vintage Moog instruments, combining electronic music with modern orchestration to create Progressive Rock.

“I am looking forward to bringing my music to the world with all of the analogue richness of my vintage Moog instruments. With an eye on pressing to vinyl, I have taken great care to master my recordings for this wonderful medium. Being an older adult with a wealth of experience in many areas, getting back to my roots seems like a very natural progression.”

- Andy (A.K.A. Stark Sound Lab)

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