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Anna Gutmanis

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To myself I will be true.

Sounds Like:

Green-eyed so-ro-pop


Laura Nyro, Billy Joel, Bill Withers, Marvin Gaye, Big Mama Thornton, Steely Dan, Fleetwood Mac, Mavis Staples, Nina Simone and countless others.

Favourite Singer/Songwriter:

Laura Nyro

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Songs by Anna Gutmanis

Another Way Out

My school is really like a battle zone
But when you’re queer you walk the halls alone
Nobody brave enough to be my friend
And the slings and arrows are never ending
I’ve been assaulted in the parking lot
And now they’re saying that I should be shot
This morning I just want to stay in bed
‘Cause the pressure has gone to my head

I’m looking for another way out
I'm looking for another way out

I told a teacher what I’m going through
He said there’s nothing he can really do
He told me all about the sins of man
And to get with my god if I can


Now my daddy has a dear kid
Doesn’t have a queer kid
If he had a queer kid, man I could say my goodbye
I’ve got nobody I can turn to now
I’m tired of living these lies


©2008 Anna Gutmanis/Ban-Anna Music (SOCAN)


First In Love

First In Love

It seems not very long ago
That we went for a drink and show
That show turned out to be at my place
Didn’t it baby
I fell softly for you that night
It was more than a quick delight
Who knew that twenty years after
We’d still be in love and laughter

Tell me all of the things you said
When we were first in love
Tell me all that was in your head
When we were first in love

We’ve had so many ups and downs
We’ve had so many smiles and frowns
These years have put many lines on my face
Haven’t they baby
If I knew then what I know now
I’d still go for you anyhow
On this sweet night in November
We dream ahead and we remember


©2010 Anna Gutmanis/Ban-Anna Music (SOCAN)


If You Want A Lover

I been watchin' you now for quite a while
I love the things you do and I love the way you smile
I was spoken for but now you know I'm free
So I'll do the talkin’ for me

If you want a lover, oh-oh
To while away the hours
If you want a lover, oh-oh
To chase away the showers
If you want a lover and none of those others will do
I been wantin' somebody too

Love's a mystery, it comes and then it goes
First it's poetry and then it's tired prose
You know that all I'm looking for is inspiration sweet
And someone to keep up the heat


You know that I don't mind if we never find
Any overwhelmin' bliss
All I see is that you and me
Should be sharin' one long kiss
And I confess that my loneliness
Has been makin' me so bold
You look very fine and I'll make you mine
Before we're too much older


In The Sun

Step into the wicket
Buy myself a ticket
Wishing it was one-way
Heaven knows I’ll want to stay
Say goodbye to pressure
Say hello to leisure
Now I’m off and running
To my hard-earned southern fling


In the sun you can play ‘til you’re done
And when you’re hotter water’s waiting for you
In the sun we can melt into one
Here on vacation, stationed, nothing to do

Now I see the palm trees
Now I feel the cool breeze
I could really live here
If I shift into a lower gear
This is so relaxing
It’s never ever taxing
And I feel so lazy
That’s the way I like to be



©1989 Anna Gutmanis/Ban-Anna Music (SOCAN)


Lately It's Cold

Lately It’s Cold

Icicles in my windowsill and icicles in my brain
Lately I just don’t know if I’ll ever be warm again
Summer is just a memory, winter goes on and on
I don’t know how much longer I can be strong

Lately it’s cold outside
Lately it’s cold outside
Lately it’s cold out, hope I can hold out
Lately it’s cold outside

Everyone needs a ray of sun to carry the blues away
Nobody wants to sink into eternity so grey
If you were here I’d make it through the rest of the winter storm
Dreaming of summer kisses I can be warm


Never a day goes by in winter that I don’t think about the spring
Still I was raised a northern girl and that’s who I am
Give me a couple months of snow
Then I’m alive and good to go
But if the winter persists I will tell it to scatter and scram
Scatter and scram

I want to get hot tonight
Hold you by the firelight
By the time we meet up, I hope that things’ll heat up
Lately it’s cold outside


Words and Music by Anna Gutmanis
©2013 Anna Gutmanis/Ban-Anna Music (SOCAN)




Toronto, ON

Level of Experience:



Blues | R&B and Soul | Rock and Pop

I Write:

By myself

Songs Recorded:

Lately It's Cold, Diamonds and Stiletto Shoes, First In Love, Glimmer In The Dark, People (Got To Get It Together), Hello Again, You Won't Be Sorry, Another Way Out, This Love Is Real To Me, When I Get Out Of Bed, The Rain, Middle Of The Line, In The Sun, I Am Who I Am, Let It Slide, If You Want A Lover, Baby Doll, Still In Love, Then Came You, Til Doomsday, Out Of Time

Albums Released:

"Lately It's Cold", 2014 (single) "Diamonds and Stiletto Shoes", 2014 (single) "Anna Gutmanis", 1989 (EP) "I Am Who I Am", 2008 (CD single b/w "Let It Slide") "Glimmer In The Dark", 2012 (CD)

Song Placements:

"Another Way Out" in the award-winning doc-style video of the same name, directed by Simone Stock.


Pride In The Arts "2009 Pride Song" Award

I am interested in:

Networking | Pitching Songs to Artists | Pitching Songs To Tv/Film/Etc.

Other Jobs:

Social Work


Anna Gutmanis, a Canadian songwriter, singer and keyboardist, entwines her brave, edgy lyrics with deep, blues-style vocals. Her latest releases, “Lately It’s Cold” and “Diamonds and Stiletto Shoes”, charted on iTunes, and “Diamonds” also appeared on the Independent Music Network Mainstream Top 30 Chart and the Roots Music Report 2014 Top 100 Pop Song and Album charts. Anna’s critically-acclaimed album “Glimmer In The Dark” was named the Number One album of 2013 on the international OutVoice Top Twenty Album Chart. Several songs from "Glimmer" have appeared on 3 different Australian Indie Radio Charts and on the Roots Music Report 2014 Top 100 Pop Song chart. The award-winning single “I Am Who I Am” remains an anthem to the LGBTQ rights movement, and it was featured in Euro Pride 2015 events in Riga, Latvia. Other recordings include Anna's eponymous debut album, which still receives airplay on commercial radio. She has released 2 music videos, “I Am Who I Am”, and “Another Way Out”. Both videos played at film festivals around the world, and "Another Way Out" won the 2014 Best Short Documentary award at QCinema Texas. Both videos are now up on PFLAG Durham’s YouTube channel, and "Another Way Out" is hitting the short film festival circuit internationally. Anna often performs live in and around Toronto, and also plays shows across Canada and the United States.

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