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Ashley Wright

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Like a mellifluous gust of wind, Toronto-born recording artist NDAI (pronounced Ne-Day) carries you away on an orchestra of rousing vocals, ethereal tempos, and lyrics that echo the thoughts we often try and hide.

"Great art has a certain truth to it" she explains. "As artists we hold up a mirror to society and weave the words into songs that are simply too difficult to articulate otherwise. It's a combination of skill, inspiration, and vulnerability, which is the key to honesty. Honesty can only come from a vulnerable place where the ego cannot coexist, it is unpretentious, unadulterated and raw."

At the early age of 4 her mother discovered she was pitch perfect singing songs from her favorite movie Pocahontas. Coming from a pedigree of musicians and artists (Muttoo Brothers Calypso Orchestra, and her father Stephen Muttoo), it was almost no surprise music would be an important part of her life. Jumpstarting her music career in 2018, NDAI has already nabbed the attention of publications like EARLMILK, Urbanology, Elevator Magazine and Toronto radio station VIBE 105.5FM where she was interviewed by none other than DJ Mel Boogie.

Her single "Nobody's Ting" has amassed almost 60k streams and she's quickly gaining recognition in her hometown with consistent bookings that include a slot in Indie Week, Canadian Music Week and opening Toronto Beer Fest 2019 for Ashanti and Ja-Rule. In early 2020, the R&B singer and songwriter signed with Reign Music an imprint of Higher Reign Music Group with distribution through Sony Music.

Combining facets of old-school, new wave R&B, pop, and neo-soul, NDAI's music is designed in a way that can draw any listener by the ear and soothe them into a vibe that speaks to her genuine and unapologetic nature. Along with her self-composed verses, NDAI's very personal experiences come alive in the range of her vocals and the gentle caress of her delivery.

Aside from the music, NDAI has been tireless working on her artist development program start-up, ATLR IT. "Making the artist discovery process more gender-inclusive is a next step" says NDAI. "Our vision for ALTR IT is that one day it will be a comprehensive artist development program, but for now we are hosting a series of curated workshops to pilot the educational piece and the other components of the program."

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