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Avery Raquel

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Songs by Avery Raquel



Stars rise
Sun falls, we fear, we stall
And everything stops*

You’re by
My side, your smile curves wide
And everything stops
My heart can’t hide

The willingness to keep you around
It’s bringing me down
Because your in my heart and on my mind
And love I find
thinking isn’t good for the soul that technique is old
I know

Oooo you hit me with those brown eyes
No matter how hard I try
Oooo what if I told you that I’m helpless
Maybe even restless
Would you love me still
Cuz I will
I will

Lay here with me
Patterns we breathe
Everything stops
I can see

The rope pulled tight
Both filled with fright
Everything stops
Ur in my sights

The fascination with your smile
I’m in denial
Because your in my heart and on my mind and love I find
dreaming could be good for the soul
Or so I’ve been told
I know




South-Western Ontario

Level of Experience:



Blues | R&B | Adult Alternative | Adult Contemporary  | Alternative | Pop | Soul

I Write:

By myself | With others

I prefer to write:

Lyrics | Melody

Songs Recorded:

Without A Little Rain, Take Your Time, Your Mouth Is The Door, Won't Say Goodbye, Dreaming, Things You Do, What You Are To Me, I Think I'm Falling, My Heart Away, Come Right Back To You, Beauty In Goodbyes, Who I Am, Hold On To Today, Pieces, Love In September, Bleach, Please, Helpless, Take It From Me, When the Love is Real, Deep In My Mind, All Up To You, Put Your Love On Me, New Found Happiness, Taught Me How To Love, You Said, The Way it Ought To Be, This Could Be Love, Christmas Isn't Christmas (Without You here), Nothing More, Really Do Want You,

Albums Released:

Avery Raquel (2022), My Heart Away (2018), Without A Little Rain (2017), Life Lessons (2016)


Finalist in the John Lennon Songwriting Competition (2019)

Other Credits:

Billboard Charting Artist Feb 2020

I am interested in:

Face to face Cowriting | Networking | Pitching Songs to Artists | Pitching Songs To Tv/Film/Etc. | Getting a Publishing Deal


In late 2018, Avery Raquel released her 3rd solo album, ‘My Heart Away’, which was comprised of all original music, written by the accomplished and maturing singer-songwriter. The music achieved critical acclaim and airplay across the country and into the US and even Europe. The first single from that album, ‘Come Right Back To You’ debuted on the iTunes Canada Top 200 RnB/Soul song chart at #23, while the album itself debuted at #11 on the Canadian iTunes Top 200 RnB/Soul chart.

The success of ‘My Heart Away’ led to the interest and attention of one of House music’s hardest working artists from Sweden, StoneBridge. The Grammy award-nominated artist, Producer, and DJ has shared his talent on Billboard #1 hits for major artists like Ariana Grande, P!nk, Haley Joelle, Nelly Furtado & many others. One particular song from Avery’s album, ‘Pieces’, captured the dynamic producer’s imagination and ‘Pieces – The Remixes’, released in January 2020, with its already infectious melody and catchy hook, is being played in dance clubs and on dance radio all around the world. In fact, the song debuted on the Billboard Dance Club Song Chart at #50* and quickly moved to the #30 spot, staying on the chart for 9 weeks, widening the appeal of this independent Canadian artist.

That achievement is merely one of many successes from this teenaged Contemporary Soul/Pop phenomenon. In fact, Canadian, recording artist Avery Raquel, started in the entertainment industry at a very young age. From television, for the likes of DreamWorks, to animation for Disney, voice-over work, commercials and radio, as well as a number of professional stage productions across Canada, Avery’s passion for performing grew. All the while, Avery kept honing her craft as a vocalist of rare talent, which has led to an impressive list of career-accomplishments on her musical resume.

That talent caught the ears of award-winning Canadian producer/songwriter/musician Greg Kavanagh, in 2017, and their eventual collaboration of work has led to outstanding original songs that not only were featured on ‘My Heart Away’, but also on her second solo album, ‘Without A Little Rain’. That album debuted on the iTunes Canada Top 200 RnB/Soul album chart at #31.

Beyond acquiring media attention, Avery’s music consistently receives glowing reviews and continued airplay across Canada, and into the United States, affording her opportunities to perform her music across North America. From New York to Newport to Toronto and beyond, including venues and renowned music festivals, Avery continues to wow audiences with her fresh style and powerful vocal performances.

Avery is compassionate as well, volunteering her time to regularly perform at sports, government, and charity events, donating her talents. She’s even sung the anthem in front of 43,000 people at a Toronto Blue Jays Baseball game.

Of course, she also has a passion for supporting causes close to her heart such as anti-bullying (going into schools talking and performing for students), and music education. To that extent, Heart of Indie Radio in the US, has named a scholarship in her honour. That scholarship, every year for the next 10 years, awards an individual in Canada, and one in the United States, with $500 USD towards their arts or music education.

Avery continues to compose new music, challenging herself to appeal to multiple genres and audiences, and constantly performing and improving her craft. She also co-hosts an online radio show on, talking about and playing music she loves from an era that still influences so many artists today.

While constantly performing, and with new music always in production, especially with the support of successful artist-producers like Stonebridge and Greg Kavanagh, Avery is poised to be the breakout artist she is destined to become!

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