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Blair Packham

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Songwriting is something I'd do even if I never made another nickel at it, because it's my way of expressing things that I could never just say aloud.

Sounds Like:

Beatles, Elvis Costello, Nick Lowe, Squeeze, Jackson Browne, James Taylor


The Beatles, The Kinks, The Rolling Stones, Squeeze, Nick Lowe, Jackson Browne, Jules Shear, Elvis Costello

Favourite Singer/Songwriter:

Nick Lowe

Social Media:

Songs by Blair Packham

Last of the Red Hot Fools

no lyrics


The Bridge Is Burning

no lyrics


The Opportunist

no lyrics


Weird to You

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Toronto, ON

Level of Experience:



Folk | Rock

I Write:

By myself | For myself | With others | For others

I prefer to write:

Lyrics | Melody

Albums Released:

"The Jitters" (Capitol-EMI, 1987) "Louder Than Words (Capitol-EMI, 1990) "Everything That's Good" (EMI, 2000) "Could've Been King" (Blare! Music, 2004)

Song Placements:

"Weird to You", MOON POINT (feature film) "She Just Is", "Weird To You", DAWSON'S CREEK (television series) "One-Hit Wonder", COOKING A LA CART (television series)


1990 Toronto Music Award "Best Rising Star"; 1988 Juno Award Nomination "Best New Artist"

Other Credits:

Teletoon "Spliced!" theme, Teletoon "The Adventures of Chuck and Friends", Global Televison "The Jane Show" theme & score, TSN "NHL Tonight!" theme,

I am interested in:

Pitching Songs To Tv/Film/Etc.

Other Jobs:

Teaching, radio host


In 2017, I recorded and released my first album in 13 years. Called "Unpopular Pop," it is a collection of 11 mostly-upbeat but always heartfelt songs. I made it at home, though I had a little help from friends like Ron Sexsmith and Steven Page, who sang on three of the songs. Drummer Mark Kelso appears on a few of the songs, too. A long time ago, I was the lead singer/songwriter of the Toronto-based power pop group The Jitters who recorded for Capitol-EMI Music Canada in the mid-1980s. We were lucky enough to have several Top Ten hits before we broke up in 1991. I spent the subsequent years building a successful career composing music for film and television, and also producing and co-writing with my wife at the time, the brilliant (and under-rated) Arlene Bishop. I produced three albums for Arlene ("Pinky", "Snarky Girlpop" and "Cut A Man's Heart Out"). Finally, I got around to making music for myself: I produced two solo albums ("Everything That's Good" [2000] and "Could've Been King" [2004]), released on my own label, Blare! Music. The first one, ETG, was done in Toronto with lots of my friends here appearing, including Ron Sexsmith, Suzie Vinnick, Maury LaFoy, Fergus Hambleton, and Pat Steward. The second album, CBK, was done in Vancouver with my fave band the Odds backing me up. Both albums got pretty great reviews, and I was able to license many of the tracks to film and television shows. I even scored two covers in the Czech Republic with an artist named Marie Rottrova, who is a star there! With my background as a recording engineer from years before (I worked at a Toronto studio called Comfort Sound, taught how to twiddle knobs by the legendary Doug McClement), I stay busy in the studio producing other artists. I also spend every Thursday teaching songwriting classes at Seneca College, and in the summertime, I co-host an intensive annual songwriting workshop ( with the great Rik Emmett, the former lead singer/songwriter of Triumph. With songwriter/spin doctor Bob Reid, I am the co-host of "In the Studio," a weekly music-based radio show on Toronto's Newstalk 1010, heard locally and on the Web via iTunes podcast download. Currently, I am writing songs and recording for my fourth solo release.

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