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Bob Park

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Only making money writing hits for established recording artists or rising stars

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Songs by Bob Park

Burden on Society

I'm a burden on society
I'm a burden on society
Don't get me wrong
I'm not hard tp please
I'm a burden on society

Minimum pay gets you plenty of nothing
Living on the streets is not called something
I don't make enough to even pay taxes
College was a waste with all those classes
Can't buy a home, can't buy a car
Can't buy some shoes in a street bizarre

No one wants you, no one needs you
Livin day to day is no happy future
I'm not transgender not in that zone
Won't marry a dude that makes me a phobe
Won't get attention just being straight
Just want a life without all that hate

I see picket lines, no picket fence
Am I just a con without an offence
Food banks, shelters, nothing to eat
Our world's exploding right in the streets
I don't want much but need better than this
Don't want a President who forgives the rich

A reality tv show is no reality at all
The reality is my continued downfall
Go see our middle class in a menagerie
All our good wages are just a catastrophe
Lead in the water, coal mines collapse
Bombs on the planes, bridges are deathtraps

I used to wake to a radio alarm clock
Now I open carry a loaded alarm glock
The second amendment makes it clear
The government is forcing a patriot's fear
The cracks are to big for the citizen
Who has to take all the criticism


Glitz and Glam

Glitz and Glam (will get you a man)

Stiletto heels of at least 6 inches
Make you feel better in my clinches
Look's like the pap keeps up with you
You cut a trend for a fashion review

Your attitude is trending on twitter
You're a natural for show biz glitter
Prestige, charisma, beauty and charm
I'm rich and famous when you're on my arm

Can you handle all the glitterati
Or your dedicated twitteratti
Your latest selfie is on instagram
While your on a jet to a far off land

You are famous for being famous
On a budget that's completly shameless
Let's getaway right now and go far
Having no plan is the way you are

Glitz and Glam will get you a man
Style and smile is your game plan
Don't play games, my hearts in the right place
Glitz and Glam puts a smile on my face
Glitz and Glam will get you a Man

After you get him, how will you keep him
If you're tired from work, how will you treat him
Put on a smile and light the candles
Pour the wine and we'll create our own scandal
Glitz and Glam will get you a man
Glitz and Glam will get you a man


Long Day's Journey Into Love

Long Day's Journey Into Love - music and lyrics Bob Park
I have always had a traveller's heart
Not all destinations were on the chart
Deserts, oceans, valleys, fields I found
Mountains, cities, islands distant towns
I felt I knew everyone that just I met
and the days were lovely as the sunset
Freedom, is love, love is freedom
Everything else we don't need them
That is our guide to chart our course
Love is light a gentle leading force
Our voyage together always forward
In our infinite space never bordered
We made our souls journey together
That Corinthians can only measure
No envy, pride, anger or dishonour
Patience, kindness, and trust is stronger
Rejoice in love truth, faith, there of
But the greatest of these is love
It's been a long day's journey into love
Our soul's adventure of hand in glove
The highest form of spiritual grace
Beyond the stars always face to face
On the path that there is no end of
It's been a long day's journey into love


Nation Of Nations

The Nation of Nations
We are the nation of nations
A free inclusive population
Where you're welcome to be
Part of our diverse history
A free and strong country
Shout it, or say it humbly
Tout le monde est inclus
Canada is for me and you
We are the nation of nations
Given to us by generations
Our heritage is indigenous in spirit
Inspired by aboriginals perseverance
634 First Nations families strong
Northern Inuit to Canada belong
Metis are diversified and proud
Canada's indigenous are avowed
They revere life, water, and earth
They lead us in a spiritual rebirth
A perfect royal synergy they reign
We see their monarch's as the same
People arrived and filled our land
To give us 2 languages hand in hand
Europe, Asia from places everywhere
Migrants, families, friends in despair
They gave their all to free the world
On every battle field our flag unfurled
The bravest heroes from humble roots
Remembered by all people with tributes
Valour formed by the strength of all
Ready we are strong to answer a the call
We're connected like a cosmic dream
Flying in space filled with wi-fi beams
Instant data and chat in our hands
Our fingers connect us to our homeland
So much changing and more on the way
A multi cultural platform is our gateway
We shoot we score on the ice and fields
Winter and summer the winnings yield
Arts, culture, drama, literature, it's here


No Beer for My Truck

No Beer for My Truck
Nashville Memphis, love the open highway
Vegas Reno the freeway is my driveway
Friends in the southern states always like to party
Get the beer get the band we're dancing loud and hearty
Closing time one last round for the girls, and friends
Too much fun, too much gin, but the good times end
Take my keys, if you don't I'm on the road to ruin
Get a grip, don't lose control, know that I'm too gooned
I got home around sunrise and fell right into bed
If I drink I don't drive don't want to end up dead
Wakin up the next day feeling mighty rough
But I still got a pick up not smashed up truck
But no beer for my truck, no beer for my truck
Had a good time, driving that's bad luck
No beer for my truck no beer for my truck
Call a cab, drive me home, or leave me a few bucks
But no driving for tonight, no beer for my truck




Victoria, BC

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Initially was determined to be Jimmy Page 2.0, however Bob rebelled as a dedicated Royal Con. junkie with my 88 key yamaha grand piano. I had no interest in writing but preferred playing the usual suspects of Frank Lizst, Freddy Chopin and George Gershwin. Oh yes 25 + years in radio was paramount to becoming intrigued with commercial music.
Bob is not a great singer so please be kind

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