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Dave Pickell

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These are the bad new days.


The catastrophic deflation of the value of creative work. GLAD I'M NOT STARTIN' OUT!

Favourite Singer/Songwriter:

OK - - me. There. I said it. I like my mistakes better than other peoples'!

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Vancouver, BC

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Songs Recorded:

Many many many. back when they old CD's! yyyyyESSSS!

Albums Released:

Oh, now, kids: gather round. Long, lonnnnng ago there was this thing called an "album!" er - buckets. Boxes full. Had a great run! ;-)

Song Placements:



My songs bought me a house and fed me a family. Can't put that on the mantel.

Other Credits:

See my bio.

Other Jobs:

What's a job? OH- I write for the paper once every ten years.



His songs have been performed on record by the West End Girls, Boulevard, Shari Ulrich , Nancy Martinez, Carole Medina, VIP , Sanne Salomonsen , Little Wolf (with Jim Wilson), Michael Burgess, TULKU, Lara Fabian , Anne Murray , Aaron Neville, Amy Sky , Dan Hill , Jacky Cheung , Olivia Newton-John, Patti LaBelle, Angel Chan, Mink, Sun, Sammi Cheng and Robbie Robertson , among others. A Dave Pickell song is used in Oliver Stone's movie "Any Given Sunday" (starring Al Pacino) and in "Flight of the Unicorn" (starring Beau Bridges). Several of his titles have been released internationally, both in English and in translation. Many of his copyrights are administered by Warner-Chappell Music, others by Nettwerk Music Publishing. His two co-writes with Vougeot garnered, among other awards, the overall grand prize in the Great American Song Contest in both 2003 and 2005. He also had a #1 hit (Billboard Hits of the World) in August 2000 with "Only Love" (sung by Jackie Cheung).

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