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Gordon Castle

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Sweet Harmony

Sweet Harmony
Gordon Castle - March 2018

capo 5rd fret open D tuning

How I miss that sweet harmony, when I sing my lonely tune
Such a year of change too much too soon
Life’s caress like autumn’s dress, fades to brown
I’m an empty tree that lost all its leaves to ground

As Winters grasp is freed with Springtime coming soon
Knowing that my leaves will find a way to bloom
Making a melody for a brand new song
And a harmony I trust, will someday come along

Then I’ll find
Peace in my mind
Sweet harmony
That shines and blossoms in me

Singing my own song with a passion anew
For the joy of life and the joy of love is something to pursue
Melody and sweet harmony, what a beautiful thing
Melody and sweet harmony, makes me want to sing.




Kitchener, ON

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