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Jackie Kroczynski

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Ron Sexsmith, Andy Shauf, The Jayhawks, Bill Evans, Nina Simone, Elvis Costello

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Ron Sexsmith,

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Songs by Jackie Kroczynski

Night at the Opry

You should have seen it, all your favorites have stood there
In the circle, surrounded by friends
With their hats pushed on tight,
And their eyes shining bright,
Your records were coming to life.

There was pickin’ for fun and for Jesus
There were jokes you’d have liked, not too blue
And the gals spinnin’’ round
And the warmth of the sound
We were clappin’ our hands in the pews

The records he kept in the stereo
The eight tracks he kept in the car
As Jake lay there dying, the music kept playing
And soon my daddy was gone.

Without him, the circle feels broken
I look for his light and it’s gone
This music brings him to me
It joins our whole family
His records will keep bringing him home,
His records will keep bringing him home
His records will keep bringing him home,
His records will keep bringing him home
His records will keep bringing him home.
His records will keep bringing him home





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Country | Adult Contemporary  | Americana  | Indie Rock

I Write:

By myself | For myself

I prefer to write:

Lyrics | Melody | Chord Patterns | Arrangements

Songs Recorded:

Night at the Opry

Albums Released:

Jan. 2021

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I am interested in:

Web Cowriting | Networking | Signing with a Label

Other Jobs:

High school Band/Guitar teacher


Jackie Kroczynski is both a musician and a music educator from North Battleford, Saskatchewan. She recently opened for Jeffery Straker and also performs regularly with Jivin’ Jackie and Big Baby T, a band that celebrates the music of New Orleans. She’s currently working on an album of original music that will be produced and released by Grade School Records.

Jackie was inspired to write “Night at the Opry” after taking 30 high school students on a band trip to Nashville in early March 2020. The song is dedicated to her father because he didn’t get the chance to visit the Opry himself before he died in 2019. He would have loved it! As of the week of Feb. 6, 2021 “Night at the Opry” is sitting at Number 4 on the Canadian Indie Country Top 100 Countdown.

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