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Jason Ball

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If all of these thoughts were trees, we'd be surrounded

Sounds Like:

Zombies, Kinks, Todd Rundgren, Harry Nillson, MGMT, Jeff Buckley, Sufjan Stevens, Of Montreal


Kinks, Beatles, Nick Drake, Spiritualized, Sparklehorse, Of Montreal

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Songs by Jason Ball

Mama Lama

Mama Lama spinner of light
So spectacular so outta sight
Supernova help me to see
Burn the night away shine down on me

Mama Lama please hear my prayer
Shine your light on us — Evil beware!
All your children count on you now
Come and answer us help us somehow

Gonna come down from the sky
She won't slip and she won't slide
And you'll know it's for real cuz you'll see it in her eye
Looking in & out for all of us
From the beginning

Carcinoma under the sun
Stole the water out of everyone
Mama Lama soaked up the sea
Gave a gallon back to you & me

Gonna come down from the sky
Saves the teardrops when you cry
And you'll know she's for real cuz you'll see it in her eye
Looking in & out for all of us
From the beginning

Gonna come down from the sky
Lay it down on me tonight
And you'll know it's for real cuz you'll see it in my eye
Looking in & out for all of us
From the beginning




Weston, ON

Level of Experience:




I Write:

By myself

I prefer to write:

Lyrics | Melody | Chord Patterns | Arrangements

Songs Recorded:

Body Arithmetic, Mama Lama, New Start, Summer's Only Daughter, No Alibi, Angel Spies, Homonculus & Ouroboros, A Foot in the Dream, Ilha Formosa, The End of Road (Can't Believe It's Over Now), Dark Stars, Uncivilized, Dream Car, Humpty Dumpty by the Bag, Air Highway, Rocky Holler Canon, Alpha Disco, Landwarning, Landslide, Follow Me Down, Pay the Rent, Perfect Riddle, Pangaea's Daughter, River Reflexive, Daily Electric, Instructions for Winter Lovers, Universal Donor, Trilobite, Goldmine, Tristes Tropiques, Stepping In, Stars are Photomagnets, Cobra Wings, Silver Lining, Everlasting Life, Solar Triptych, Sublime, Salem Light, Balloonskin, Spoondaisy, Torrent, Blanket, Bison, Billy, Factory 2nd, Let It Show, Ladybug Pheromone, Outside The Kaleidoscope, The Word Is Love

Albums Released:

Hopeful Monster: Beautiful Island (2013), Hopeful Monster: Metatasking (2008), Hopeful Monster: Hopeful Monster (2002), Spoondaisies: Spoondaisies EP (1995), Holden Wheeling: Star Fish Rock (1993), Holden Wheeling: Egg (1991), Holden Wheeling: Chryselephantine (1991)

Song Placements:

Degrassi (MTV), Roadtrip Nation (PBS), Food Jammers (Food Network), Touch & Go (Cinemavault), Dragon Wheel (IMX),


The Coast - Best Of Halifax 2002: Best new local artist, best local album

Other Credits:

Co-writer for By Divine Right song "Past the Stars"

I am interested in:

Face to face Cowriting | Networking | Pitching Songs To Tv/Film/Etc. | Getting a Publishing Deal

Other Jobs:

Producer / editor / audio post production


psychedelic chamber pop

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