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Jeff Harris

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Songs by Jeff Harris

Colours Of Goodbye

Colours of Goodbye
© Jeff Harris/Mick Dalla-Vee/Kenny Holliday

You painted me a picture of the night you said goodbye
From your high horse you hung it on my wall
With every final brush stroke & every fine detail
I guess I should have seen the fall

I don’t see hand in hand
I can’t be just your friend
Am I fading from your life

Your picture’s left me cold
So cold
In the blackness of the night

Colours of Goodbye
I’ll be searchin’ all my life
Even though you’re gone I gotta carry on
When you fade to black,
There ain’t no comin’ back
I raise a glass of wine
Here’s to an old friend of mine…
And the Colours of Goodbye

Starin’ out the window, all I see is red
Sunday morning, feeling half past dead
Like a cold rush, my heart is turning blue
I would have changed it all, changed it all for you

But you had thoughts of leavin’ I didn’t see the clues
Foolishly living a lie
You left me all alone,
So Alone
I let out a somber sigh


Don’t say goodbye don’t say Good bye
I need a brand new canvass without the skies of grey
Don’t say goodbye don’t say Good bye
You know I’ll always love you, I know no other way

Gonna walk
Gonna Pray
To find another way
Gonna stand
Real Tall
Gonna make it after all

Chorus (x2)

Come on Time won’t you be a friend to me
I need your help so listen carefully
Fade away these colours that cause me pain
I never ever want to feel this again

Someone’s gonna paint for her that way
And she’ll be cryin’ for days & days
Having questions & no answers why
That’s the feeling of the Colours of Goodbye

© Jeff Harris 2008
604 5700232
1101 9380 Cardston Crt
Burnaby BC
V3N 4R5


Simple Man...

Simple Man

I may not look like Romeo

Or have the words like Cyrano

But I know all the things to treat you right

I may not drive a Cadillac

My ol’ Chevy’s parked out back

And I want you ridin’ with me all my life

Well I can show you girl

That in this mixed up, crazy world

It’s not so complicated

Living easy is how we’ll make it

Just give me a smile and give me your hand

I’ll show you a life of lovin’

Even if we ain’t got nothin’

If less is more then you’ll have all you can

‘Cause I’m a simple man

I may not know which fork to use

To me champagne is high priced booze

But darlin’ I can 2 step all night long

I can’t get into rock and roll

Hip hop, rap, R&B or soul

But I can sing you every Hank Williams song

Well, I can show you girl

That in this crazy world

With so much goin’ on


Meat and Potatoes – T shirt and jeans

When I say something you’ll know what that something means




Burnaby, BC

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