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Lorenzo Policelli

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May the Muse be with you...

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I can't get enough Sinatra, though my music is in no way like his Swing... I listen to Frank Sinatra, Elvis Costello, Billy Joel, Pete Yorn, Sloan, Tragically Hip, Beatles, The Who, Tom Waits, Otis Redding, Sam Cooke, Marvin Gaye... just scratching the surface...

Favourite Singer/Songwriter:

Elvis Costello

Songs by Lorenzo Policelli

A Beat Away From My Heart (Reach Out)

Turn around baby, here I am
Look into the eyes of this loving man
See them shine from a heart of gold
Don't look away or you'll destroy my soul
Why would you ever want to tear me apart?
You're just a beat away from my heart (reach out)

You can walk, baby, you can run
I don't care just as long as you come
To be with me and stand by my side
Show me your lover's world, yes be my guide
You're so close but baby, you are so far
You're just a beat away from my heart (reach out)

Don't tease me, just please me
I'll be your teddy bear if you just want to squeeze me
Cruel or kind, baby, I don't mind
Just as long as you're mine all mine

You're so close but baby, you are so far
You're just a beat away from my heart (reach out)

So reach out and I'll reach in
To touch your heart with all I've been
A passion strong, a love that's true
And all that I do, I do for you
I'm reaching out so we can make a start
I'm just a beat away from your heart
Why would you ever want to tear me apart?
You're just a beat away from my heart (reach out)


Ain't No Saint

It seems I'm taking issue with what people say of me of late
Now I know it ain't so bad, but it sure ain't great
I ain't no pure and patient heart - I ain't no poet in the dark
I ain't the height of self-restraint - I ain't no saint...

Everybody's always talkin' - Sayin' I'm so nice
They don't know that deep inside I can be as cold as ice
And though it's torn me apart - I've broke my share my hearts
I ain't no stranger to that pain - I ain't no saint...

Chorus: So please don't prove it to yourself
'Cos if you cut me I will bleed
I'm just like everybody else
I have wants and I have needs
I never claimed to be a hero
No, my heart is much to feint
Don't you understand? I'm a man
I ain't no saint...

Everybody's shocked to see this sinner face to face
I don't believe I've fallen. I can assure you that I never had much grace
It's a struggle deep inside of a passion I can't hide
I cannot keep my love constrained - I ain't no saint


Bridge: I'm not some angel from above
Not some olive-branch holding dove
Just a man falling in and out of love

All the passes never caught. All the "can't-we-be-just-friends"
Every dream of all those nights that never seemed to end
I'm sick and tired of this scene. I'll cross that border to my dreams
And you can be my change of fate - Girl, I ain't no saint...

I ain't no saint...


Free Spirits

Free spirit dancin’ in the night
What makes you think that I’m so wrong and you’re so right?
Time is on my side.

You’re dancin’ now but someday you’ll cry.
You'll be shallowed down so low and I’ll be standing there so high.
Girl, you let this train go by...

CHORUS: It’s your lies that shadow me. But through tear-stained eyes I see;
The only true free spirit here is me...

You close your heart. You close your mind.
The hammer slams across my soul a thousand times.
And I just smile and say, “I’m fine”...

A quiet man, he spins words of gold.
You just have to look a little deeper; look into my soul.
And so the truth can then be told.


(Instrumental - I got 92 reasons why you should love me, baby...)


My conviction is one that’s true and right.
What’s so wrong to wanna love you and be loved by you tonight?
Two free spirits dancin’ in the night.

Free spirits in the night... just two free spirits in the night...




Toronto, ON

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Folk and Traditional | Rock and Pop

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I'm a non-performing songwriter who has never been published. That's my ultimate goal - to have a song of mine (there are many!) published and brought to life by some talented performer somewhere...

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