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Peter Boyer

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Songs by Peter Boyer

Song for Louis Riel

Song For Louis Riel
music and lyrics by Peter Boyer

Capo on 2nd fret
Bm A
1. I’m Gabriel Dumont and a story I will tell,
Em Bm
About some trouble long ago, and a man that I knew well,
We grew up in St. Boniface, and rode together at Batoche
Em Bm
Until les Canadiens hung him on the cross

2. We knew the paddles song since the fur trade began
There was money to be made on the backs of Métis men
The land we cleared and farmed, les Canadiens tried to sell
Then we found a saviour and his name was Riel

Riel was brave,
Riel could fight
Riel stood for what is right
A Holy Bible in his hand
Un vrai Metis et,
Un bon Canadien!

3. Manitoba founding father in 1870
Then some of us moved west to keep our liberty
History was repeated, it was how the west was won
With towns and settlers everywhere and the buffalo all gone

4. Along the South Saskatchewan, we settled a new land
Riel came back to lead us and we stood man to man
At Duck Lake, les Canadiens heard our battle call
But when the cannon came, Batoche was soon to fall

5. His trial was swift and he spoke with dignity
Some said he’d be spared if he plead insanity
Hung as a traitor, you can call him what you will
It’s too late for justice now, up there on the Hill


The Wild McLean Boys

1. The McLean’s were wild when they went on a spree
Allan, Archie and Charlie were three
Back in ‘81, they made history
In the old Thompson District, in central BC

2. The McLean’s rode with that young Alex Hare
Wherever they went, trouble was there
When a prize stud vanished out of thin air,
Warrants were issued and rewards were declared

Tell me a story of desperate outlaws
Gunmen, and rustlers, the code of the west
And I’ll sing you a song of the Wild McLean Boys
Hell bound for crimes of murder and theft

3. Johnny Ussher had a badge, and did his best
It was his sworn duty, to make the arrest
“Don’t kill me boys” was his last request
“This is Canada! It ain’t the wild wildwest”

4. Across the district, terror did reign
A shepherd named Kelly, was next to be slain
A posse was formed of 70 men,
To hunt down the boys, ‘for they’d kill again

5. In a one room cabin, the McLean’s made their stand
When they ran out of water, they put up their hands
Shackled in irons, all 4 were hanged
Their wild days, to eternity damned


Union Man

Lyrics and music by Peter Boyer

I’m a union man 3X [Am F C] [Am C G] [Am F C]
I’m proud to call myself a union man
Verse 1
I’m a union man, I profess
Am F C G
I stand up for fair wages and nothing less
When a man holds a hammer in his hand
Am F C G
He makes a bond with every workin’ man
Verse 2
And joins the struggle for a better way of life
With a strength that comes when men unite
Gold may glitter and there’s wealth in trade
But it always buys what someone’s hands have made

Verse 3
In 1919 Winnipeg was the test
With Woodsworth, Heaps and Dixon and all the rest
Many shed their Sunday blood
When the mounted police rode them into the mud
Verse 4
And in ’45, when our demands weren’t met
11,000 walked out to see what we’d get
We had solidarity and nothin’ to lose
We got Justice Rand, and we all paid our dues
Am C
For the life we know, it’s how it began
It’s the legacy of the working man
Am C
Through thick and thin, hand in hand
Standin’ together all across this land




Fergus, ON

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2014 Songs from the Heart (political category) Winner

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Peter is the principal songwriter for the folk/roots group "Same Latitude As Rome". Peter is an award winning songwriter, who has released 4 CDs with SLAR, and prior to that wrote numerous songs and jingles for radio and television. He wrote the music for a Dan Akroyd production of "Tom Paine" which was performed at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa. Peter is an experienced musician who has performed at Festivals, Concerts, bars, dances, across Canada and worked as a sideman for other musicians.

Peter wrote and co wrote a suite of songs about the War of 1812 that was recorded by Same Latitude As Rome and the group toured throughout Southern Ontario performing the songs as a show entitled "Stories and Songs of 1812" with historian Dan Loncke. Peter is currently busy recording his next project, still in the historical theme, covering important stories of Canadian history to be entitled "Early Days". One of the songs from that project was a winner in the political category in the Folk Music Ontario contest Songs from the Heart, called Song for Louis Riel. Two other songs from the CD were semi finalists in the 2013 UK Songwriting contest. Early Days will be released by Christmas 2014.

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