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Rebecca Lappa

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“Amazing things happen when you distance yourself from negativity.” “I survived because the fire inside me burned brighter than the fire around me”.

Sounds Like:

Florence and the Machine, Cheryl Crow, Concrete Blonde, Bishop Briggs


poetry, history, legends, myths, travel, personal experiences

Favourite Singer/Songwriter:

Serena Ryder, Regina Spektor, Marcus Mumford, Taylor Swift, Johnny Cash, Nickleback, Halestorm

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Songs by Rebecca Lappa

Can't Be Tamed

Can’t Be Tamed Lora Ryan and Rebecca Lappa split 50/50
Verse 1
I’m as subtle as a forest fire
Hard to handle, but I’m worth your while
Not the type of girl that you take home
But I’m the kind you can’t leave alone

Verse 2
Peel back my layers, and you will find
There’s more to me than meets the eye
Strike a match and you will see
There’s a fine line between bliss and your misery

Pre Chorus
Embers to ashes and dust to dust
Am I too much to take or just enough?

I’ll paint the town, light it up, up, up
Can’t hold me down, do what I want want want
I might break your heart, just might drive you insane
But misery loves company and I, I can’t be tamed

Verse 3
I’ll go up in flames, leave you with smoke
If you breath me in you will choke
This bomb is ticking and soon you will see
There’s a sweet spot between hell and ecstasy

Pre chorus
Embers to ashes and steel turned to rust
Am I your bad karma or (am I) your good luck?

Pretty as a rose but prick like a thorn
I’ll sting like a bee if you get too close
And I don’t mean no harm, that just the way it goes
I’ll paint the town…
I’ll paint the town…

Final Chorus:
I’ll paint the town, light it up, up, up
Can’t hold me down, do what I want want want
I might break your heart, just might drive you insane
Might leave you with scars but I can’t be blamed
Might bruise your ego but I have no shame…
Cause I, I can’t be tamed
Cause I, I can’t be tamed
I, I can’t be tamed

Back up vocals:
I paint the town cause I I..


Crazy About You

Crazy ‘Bout You by Rebecca Lappa and Kellie Loder
Verse 1:?Take a plunge and dive into the deep end?I wanna know what you do on the weekends oooooh If we make out don’t over think it?It’ll just be our little secret oooooh
Chorus:?I’m a little crazy but I’m crazy ‘bout you?If you get to know me you’ll be crazy too Dreaming about the things that we could do Cause I’m a little crazy but I’m crazy about you oooooh
Verse 2:?Don’t be shy I’ll be here when you feel it?We can go nice and slow if you need it oooh?You’re the one that I want and I’m not scared?There’s no guessing for you cause it’s out there ooooh
Bridge:?Slip your hand inside my hand and lets escape to somewhere we can Be Together there’s no pressure, doesn’t have to be forever Slip your hand inside my hand and lets escape to somewhere we can Be Together there’s no pressure, doesn’t have to be forever oooooh


Deep Water

Deep Water by Rebecca Lappa

Verse 1
You jumped off this sinking ship
Praying that you could make it
But just like the titanic
He caused ripples on your heart
Though you found hope to cling to
Memories wash over you like glue
And when they clench their teeth
it takes you back to the start

Pre Chorus
He won't hurt you again but your mind’s not listening
No it won’t, emotions kicking in, and you’re drowning in your head

(And) you’re in deep water
Deep deep water
Can’t swim no farther
The current’s pulling you under
Know you’re stronger
But you can’t fight much longer/ You will fight longer
Will you be left for slaughter/ You won’t be left for slaughter
In these deep waters

Verse 2
You smile and no one knows
Even when their numbers grow
Those fins start circling round
You watch them closing in
Try not to feel ashamed
But you always lose this game
Their gnawing at your core
And you finally give in

Pre chorus
Shampoo’s going down the drain but it will not reach your brain
Like a stain on a shirt that never leaves, and you’re begging for release

He held you below the surface, where the water filled your lungs
And you would suffocate
But you learned to embrace the struggle, fighting for survival
you escaped



Lora Ryan and Rebecca Lappa
Verse 1
In the wild you had my trust?We had everything, we were wanderlust,
But in this wonderland, we couldn’t keep up
Sinking like quicksand, we lost us

Cause you ain’t no Tarzan
I’ll never be your Jane
We were living on borrowed time
Trying to numb the pain
You ain’t no hero
When I needed you to be
But despite it all
I loved you fiercely?I loved you fiercely

Verse 2
In the night, you used to pull me in
But before I knew, we were changing
It was a fool’s paradise, it was sink or swim
But in the moonlight, you showed your true skin

We didn’t know the danger, danger of what was to come
We didn’t know the demons, demons, we couldn’t hide from
We didn’t know the scars, we didn’t think that far
But despite it all
I loved you fiercely...yeah?I loved you fiercely...yeah

Last Chorus
Could you be my Tarzan
Could I be your Jane
Could we live on borrowed time
Trying to numb this pain
Could you be my hero
Cause I need you to be
Oh despite it all
I love you fiercely?I love you fiercely
I love you fiercely


Valiant of Vimy

Valiant of Vimy by Rebecca Lappa

Verse 1
My name is Private Pattison
I came across the ocean deep
To face the blood and machine gun fire
As I climb the ridge so steep

Verse 2
The screams of shock were deafening
We tell tales to hide our fears
Over burnt coffee and cigarette smoke
Every night we sing with cheer

Lay me down beside my brothers
Should the Lord he call me home
We will never be forgotten
Even when we act alone
May your courage and your bravery
Always bring you safely back
Warriors I salute you
Go shake the devil off your back

Verse 3
T’was April 10, 1917
Our troop was trapped by German barrage
Good men were mowed down where they stood
I had to act or all was lost

Verse 4
So I leapt from hole to hole
Grenades flew hands
Under the hail of heavy fire
I impaled the gunner by bayonet

Last Chorus
They laid me down beside my brothers
And the Lord he called me home
I will never be forgotten
Even though I stood alone
Though my courage and my bravery
Didn’t bring me safely back
Alberta I salute you
Go shake the devil off your back




Edmonton, Alberta

Level of Experience:



Blues | Folk | Rock

I Write:

By myself | For myself | With others | For others

I prefer to write:

Lyrics | Melody | Chord Patterns

Songs Recorded:

Looking for Amelia, Valiant of Vimy, Alberta a Love I can't Fight, Worth My Prayers, Crockpot Girl, Crawl, Yesterday’s Wine, Carnival of Love, Bonnie and Clyde, Secret Love, Love in a Killing, Breath in the Storm, Mary Jo, Baby Set Me Free, Crawl, Anchor Tattoo, Perfect, Brother John, Rose Coloured Lenses, Tastes this Good, Jaime’s Love, Piece of Me, Mermaid and Merman, Gypsy, Kraken, The Light Brigade, Queen of the May, Lotus Eaters, Empire, Circus Bear, Field of Dishonor, Lemon Mine, The Earl, Soaring Mountain, Porcelain Doll, Oriana, Run Jack Run, Let Them Eat Cake, Senior Delgateau, The Witch, Welcome to Wayne, I Love You, Carpet Factory, Unicorn, The Bargain, Devil’s Child, Pitter Patter, Soon , Waltz, Not in Neverland, Banshee, Message in the Wind, We are Canadians, Shawnadithit, I Must Move On, I am the Man, Kaboom, The Way You hold Me, Cinderella Can You hear Me

Albums Released:

Spirit 2017, Reckless Heart 2016, Tattered Rose 2015, Ode to Tennyson 2014, Avant Garden 2013, Myths and Monsters 2012, Not in Neverland 2011

Song Placements:

"Crockpot" in Dinner by the Minute,"Precious Moments" licensed in South Korea 2015, "Piece of Me" Open-House video Victoria School 2015, "Perfect” Bridge Songs comp CD 2015, "Gypsy" Kansas City comp CD 2015, "Devil's Child” Heart of the City comp CD 2013


Bell Media Prize, Lieutenant Governor Spirit of Vimy Award; 2015 Can Folk Music Award; Adult Alt Recording win @ 2015 Edmonton Music Awards; 2018,2015,2013 Calgary Folkfest Song Contest wins; SongRise Shine My Demo Win

Other Credits:

Top 100 CBC Searchlight 2018;Hon Mention 2018 Can. Song Contest, Finalist 2018 ISC, 2017,2016 Finalist Ottawa's Bluesfest "She's the One"; 2018,2016,2015 Edmonton Music Awards nom.; Young Performer of the Year Nom @ the 2015,2014,2013,2012,2011 CFMA

I am interested in:

Web Cowriting | Face to face Cowriting | Networking | Pitching Songs to Artists | Pitching Songs To Tv/Film/Etc. | Signing with a Label | Getting a Publishing Deal

Other Jobs:

Musician, Music Teacher, Songwriting Presenter and Gymnastics Coach


“Rebecca’s compositions crackle with originality, with beautiful melodies and clever original lyrics. Her music is infectious and intelligent as it takes you on a journey. I never tire of Rebecca’s music. It’s challenging, smart and engaging on so many levels.” Barry Allen, award winning producer and engineer

Rebecca Lappa is Canada’s brightest new folk/pop/rock artist. This Canadian Folk Music Awards and Edmonton Music Awards winner writes original music that showcases her powerful vocals, storytelling, and thought provoking lyrics. With her red hair and red guitar, she brings fire to every performance. Her songs crackle with originality, blaze with passion and glow with honest emotions.

Lappa has had an amazing 2018!  She was a Top 10 finalist in The United Way Voice contest, chosen as the CBC Searchlight Top 100, received The Bell Media Prize to attend Canada's Music Incubator in Toronto, received an Honourable Mention in the 2018 Canadian Songwriting Competition, got an Edmonton Music Awards nomination for Folk/Roots Artist of the Year, won First place at the Ship and Anchor Songwriting Contest in Calgary, showcased at the Canadian Organization of Campus Activities in Fredericton and will be performing at the Edmonton Folk Music Festival in August and showcasing at ATAA in October.  

In December 2017, Lappa released her latest EP, “Spirit” featuring Valiant of Vimy that won the Lieutenant Governor of Alberta’s Spirit of Vimy contest and a trip to Vimy. According to Earshot, the EP reached #1 on Edmonton’s CJSR Top 30, Kamloop’s CFBX Roots chart, Victoria’s CFUV Folk/Roots/Blues chart and it peaked at #6 on The National Top 10 Folk/Roots/Blues chart. On Remembrance Day, Lappa was honoured to perform "Valiant of Vimy" at the Global TV televised Butterdome Ceremony for 5000 people. In spring 2018, Lappa embarked on an 18 date, “Spirit of Adventure Tour” to Toronto and back, while she attended Canada’s Music Incubator.

The “Spirit” EP is a follow-up to her Factor funded CD, “Reckless Heart” which earned Juno winning producer, Russell Broom, a WCMA nomination. Debuting at # 1 on Edmonton’s CJSR’s Top 30 and #10 on iTunes Singer/Songwriter Album chart in November 2016, according to Earshot “Reckless Heart” continued to chart on campus radio across Western Canada plus 5 weeks on Thunder Bay's CILU Top 10 Folk/Roots/Blues Chart. Two songs on the CD received songwriting recognition: Crawl- was the winner of the 2015 Calgary Folk Festival Songwriting Contest and received an Honourable Mention in the 2018 Canadian Songwriting Competition and Bonnie and Clyde- was a semi-finalist in the 2017 International Songwriting Contest.

Lappa usually performs with her band The Revelry, which formed in 2016. They’ve entertained at over 100 events; opening for the Pistol Whips, Leeroy Stagger, Jenn Grant, and Sam Tudor, and were finalists in the “She’s The One” contest at the 2016 and 2017 Ottawa Blues Festival.  In June 2017, they did a Prairie Express Tour to support “Reckless Heart”. In July 2018, Rebecca and her keyboardist will travel across Canada as Via Rail’s Artist on Board and do a 10 date southern Ontario and Quebec tour. She will end the summer touring with her band between festivals from the West Coast to Wayne, Alberta.

Always improving her songcraft, Lappa was selected for the SOCAN Songcamp Monday in Toronto in 2018, SOCAN Songhouse at 2017 Break Out West, the Open Chair for the Songwriters Association of Canada Songworks Camp in Edmonton in August 2016 and the Prairie Winter Songwriter Retreat in Winnipeg in February 2016. She’s collaborated with notable songwriters such as Amy Kirkpatrick, Japeth Ryan Raw, Kellie Loder, Guilermo Subauste, Nuela Charles, Jay Semko, Mariel Buckley, Chloe Albert, Rob Heath, Beth Portman, Byran Finlay, Lexi Strate, Lynn Tessari, Doug Folkins, and with producers Dan Davidson, Davor Vulama, Troy Sampson, Tomas Brabec and B. Morales.?

Her songwriting has received 5 CFMA nominations (2011-2015), an Honourable Mention in the 2018 Canadian Songwriting Competition, chosen as semi-finalist in the 2017 International Song writing Contest, won first place in the Calgary Folkfest Songwriting contest in 2015, and 2013 and 3rd place in 2014, won the 2015 SongRise’s Shine My Demo, was a Top 6 finalist in the All-Albertan contest, and a top 5 winner in The Bear’s 2017 “Open for Gene Simmons” contest.

Lappa is a graduate of MacEwan University’s music program who enjoys volunteering at the Stollery Children’s Hospital under the supervision of the Music Therapist. She also teaches voice, piano and songwriting in and around Edmonton.

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