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Robbie Hancock

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"Never give up, never surrender"

Sounds Like:

Joshua Radin, Gregory Alan Isakov, Marcus Mumford, Civil Wars


The Who, The Beatles, Radiohead, Ben Harper, Johnny Cash, Damien Rice

Favourite Singer/Songwriter:

Damien Rice

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Songs by Robbie Hancock

Better Than It Ever Was

It’s time to tell it, just like it is

You miss my arms, I need your kiss

Lets get on back to, this faith in us

So this can be better than it ever was, than it ever was

Why are we breaking, our lovers hands?

When all we really need, is one more chance

You know we got this, it’s our bridge to cross

So this can be better than it ever was, than it ever was

It’s cold and I’m waiting, for this warm compromise

Let me light this fire, so i can watch it dance in your eyes

Butterfly kisses, when the day begins

Like a rush of chocolate that warms your skin

Let’s stay undercover’s, and make this love

So this can better than it ever was, than it ever was


From This Burn

From This Burn

The heat of your fire warms up my bones
when it’s cold inside
Every inch of my skin against yours
Makes me feel alive

I don't want to ever cool down
I don’t wanna heal from this burn

Your eyes draw colors all through my soul
covering all the scars
Making the most of my days without you
Has never been so hard

If you knew, what I knew then you’d know
That I can’t live without you


Into The Bright

Born outside the box, different in all your thoughts
You speak, I listen, you need, I’ll give in

I promise I’ll watch over you and be so proud

I don’t ever want for you to feel left out

I will always find a way, to guide you through your days

out of the darkness and into the bright

Scars, deep in your heart, fading, while you soldier on

You hurt, I feel it, you break, I’ll heal it

Light that shines around you now as you live free
I hope the world sees everything that I can see



A penny for your heart
A dollar for your gorgeous mind
I need you to know
That you make me feel alive

For you I'd risk it all
I'd gamble everything

It’s in the way you look at life
Taking in each day
How you make the most of it
Even through the grey
You shine

Breaking down the walls
Seeing all the way inside
let you all the way in
Cause everything just feels right


So Alone

My mamma said, be careful with your life
Boy when you're searching for the lady of your life My daddy said, so many fish in the sea
So tell me daddy, why can’t I catch that one for me?
I’m so, I’m so alone tonight I’m so alone tonight
Oh god it hurts, when I have to walk away Another empty promise that I’ve made Another whiskey, and another drunken fight So another painful sleep tonight and
I’m so, I’m so alone tonight I’m so alone tonight
My mamma said, be careful with your life
Boy when you're searching for the lady that’s your wife My daddy said, so many fish in the sea
So tell me daddy, why can’t I catch that one for me?
I’m so, so, so
Yes I’m so alone tonight So alone tonight
I’m so ...




Victoria, BC

Level of Experience:



Folk | Other

I Write:

By myself | For myself | With others | For others

I prefer to write:

Lyrics | Melody | Chord Patterns | Arrangements

Songs Recorded:

Albums Released:

Stories from the soul demo - 2006 It's never too late - 2011 Better Than It Ever Was - 2015 Shine - 2016

Song Placements:

"So Alone" placed into end credits indie film called "Forget" Directed by Jesse James Burton "Into The Bright" Placed in international promo documentary for company "Claro" "From This Burn" placed on the golf channel on NBC



Other Credits:

I am interested in:

Web Cowriting | Face to face Cowriting | Networking | Pitching Songs to Artists | Pitching Songs To Tv/Film/Etc. | Signing with a Label | Getting a Publishing Deal

Other Jobs:

Music Teacher, Film/tv artist/composer, performing musician


Robbie Hancock is an indie folk, singer/songwriter and a composer/producer and an international touring artist.

Recent songwriting/composing credits include music placed on NBC (The Golf Channel), HBO (VICE), The Discovery Channel (Canada's Worst Driver), MTV((Are you the one?)(Catfish), Bravo (Married to Medicine), BTN ((The Journey, Big Ten Football), The National Film Board of Canada (Plutocrats), HGTV (Income Property), RBB (Gartenzet Germany), DIY Network (Slate Roof From Scratch) and a song in a "making of" documentary for a commercial in Peru (Claro 2015). and another in a Canadian indie film called “Forget” directed by Jesse James Burton.

Robbie has been performing live for over 20 years and has played at Disney World, Bush Gardens, CMW, NXNE, The Ottawa Tulip festival, The Hamilton Music Awards, The Halifax Pop Explosion, 4 Canadian tours and recently in Nashville and Los Angeles at live music venues and conferences. He is also regular performer in the artist on board program for VIA Vail Canada performing on board for passengers each year from coast to coast.

Robbie also runs fundraiser events for homeless teens and has brought awareness and raised funds through local music communities every year since 2009.

He is also passionate about paying it forward as much as possible to up and coming songwriters and artists through mentoring, workshops and events.

Robbie says: "Music is an incredible gift that I am thankful to be able to share with others in hopes that it brings joy to their lives, as much as it has my own."

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