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Stan Grizzle

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Wise and Old do not necessarily go together!

Sounds Like:



Lightfoot, Young, Motherlode, Redbone, Rick James, Stax, MotownEtc

Favourite Singer/Songwriter:

Taj Mahal

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Songs by Stan Grizzle

I Lost The Feelin'

The Song I Lost The Feelin' has no lyrics associated with it.


This Old Body

This Old Body
This Old body forged by Sunshine and Rain
This Old Body tempered by Pleasure and pain
This old body would like to Run and Jump Again
This Old Body has been a Friend been a Friend

But when this body gets close to you
There are wonderful things this body can do

I know that you feel it to
Aw.. Its true its true its true

This Old body used to tumble and play
This old body’s got hair that’s turning Grey
This old body would love to jump and again
But that was another day another day

But when this body gets close to you
There arew wonderful things this body can do

This old body has been through good times and bad
This old body has lost some of moves it had
This Old body has walked the line
This old body has had a good time

But when this body gets close to you,
The love comes flowing through
I know you feel it too
Its true so true so true


Why I Cry

The Song Why I Cry has no lyrics associated with it.





Level of Experience:



Blues | Country | R&B

I Write:

For myself | With others

Songs Recorded:

Why I Cry, Lookin' for a Woman, I Lost the Feelin', Crazy is Crazy, This Old Body, Life, Too Young to Change, Sunset, Walk With Me, Dem Sheets, Peace, Tell Me True, I'm Gone.

Albums Released:

Canadian Bluez, I Lost the Feelin'

I am interested in:

Pitching Songs to Artists | Pitching Songs To Tv/Film/Etc. | Getting a Publishing Deal


I started my musical career later in life. I joined my first Band at age 59 and form the moment I stood on stage I realized that that is where I was meant to be!
I began performing my own songs at age 60 and the reception was very encouraging.
At age 65 I entered the studio for the first time with my band R-Fault and recorded” Why I Cry” and” Looking for a Woman”. Due to complex relationships within the Band I decided to look outside for Artists to record with. I was so fortunate to hook up with Paul Stouffer who introduced me to the Top Pocket Band! My recording are now done with a various configuration of Top Pocket and the results have been Stellar with Paul Producing the recordings and Ron Roy Engineering!
We have recorded over a dozen songs so far and there are many more to come!

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