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Sue Peters (Sue and Dwight)

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Songs by Sue Peters (Sue and Dwight)

Too Little Too Late

Everyone cried when they heard that he died
But where were they when he needed a friend
We all felt so sad when she lost all she had
Why couldn’t we see she was just like you and me

Too little too late, too little too late,
Too little too late, why do we wait?

We all just stood by when they told a big lie
We didn’t want to see how bad things could be
We all shook our heads when the news reports said
They ran for their lives in the middle of the night

It’s easy to stand with our heads in the sand
When the world’s going crazy
But when one of us falls it’s a chance for us all to make things right



Memories I’d put away
Came flooding back to me today
They tell me who I was, who I am
And who I will become someday

Photographs on display
Take me back to another day
They show me who I was, who I am
And who I will become someday

In one life we’re always changing
Growing up and rearranging
Make mistakes, then realize
And see the world thru different eyes

Letters from long ago
People I used to know
They remind me who I was, who I am
And who I will become someday

Who was I, who am I
And who will I become someday?




Toronto, ON

Level of Experience:


Songs Recorded:

Marching / One Song / Happy Little Children / Almost Missed The Beauty / Lucky Me / Little Child Big World / Diamonds On Velvet / Who / Prairie Girl / When The Rains Don't Come

Albums Released:

2006 - Darlings Of The Open Stage - Sue and Dwight / 2009 - Little Child Big World - Sue and Dwight

I am interested in:

Pitching Songs To Tv/Film/Etc.


Sue and Dwight are a folk roots duo, originally from Winnipeg and now living in Toronto. Their music is strongly influenced by their journey from the prairies to the big city and travel in East Africa.

Lyrics are honest and insightful with themes of peace, courage, and social justice, conveyed through rich harmonies. Through gentle persuasion the songs remind us not to lose sight of what’s really important in the world.

Sue and Dwight recently completed a five year residency at The Cameron House in Toronto, are part of the TTC Subway Musicians Program, have performed in festivals and toured in Ontario and Western Canada.

Sue and Dwight’s debut indie CD, ‘Darlings of the Open Stage’, released in 2006, is Sue and Dwight’s tribute to passionate performers everywhere who take the stage each night to share their music. The CD showcases Sue and Dwight’s unique roots styling through twelve original songs co-produced with Kevin Quain.

Their second CD, ’Little Child Big World’, released in 2009, is a collection of songs inspired by travels to Ethiopia, Uganda, and Malawi in 2007. The songs document Sue and Dwight’s experiences visiting small villages and meeting courageous, resilient people. Thirteen original songs co-produced with Kevin Quain.

Without pretension, they share their songs and stories while creating a warm atmosphere at their live shows. Rich harmonies are front and centre in their musical arrangements, supported by laid-back guitars, piano, and accordion.

Sue and Dwight are:
Sue Peters - vocals and acoustic guitar
Dwight Peters - vocals, guitars, piano, and accordion

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