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Tyler Legroulx (aKa; T.L.)

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Writin' rhymes and having great times!

Sounds Like:

Drake, TheFreakBoy, T.I., MGK.


TheFreakBoy (aKa Jerry Saucier) & Belly. (amazing rappers with great music written from the soul and thoughts of a hard life)

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Songs by Tyler Legroulx (aKa; T.L.)

All The Girls Break It Down

All The Girls Break It Down (Lyrics)
Written by: Tyler Legroulx

Can all the girls break it down,
Can all the girls break it down,
Can all the girls break it down,
Can all the girls break it down,
Can all the girls break it down,
Can all the girls break it down.

Yo, here we go,
All the girl break it down,
And when I say that,
I wanna see you shake that thang,
Round and round, round and round,
Girl I’m on the top level,
I’m watchin’ you like a devil,
And you’re like a rebel,
Not dancin’ at all!



Can't Control Me (LeeRx Instrumental) - TheFreakBoy Feat. T.L.

The Song Can't Control Me (LeeRx Instrumental) - TheFreakBoy Feat. T.L. has no lyrics associated with it.


Cloud 69

Cloud 69 (Lyrics)
Written by: Tyler Legroulx

Yo, Cloud 69,
Feel like I just won the 649,
Ima winner, that’s what I be sayin’.

Yea, shawty lets blast off to cloud 69,
No need to stress baby its only you and I,
Yea I know I’m so fly no need to tell me why,
Girl we just gonna blast off and it gon feel so high,
Yea, let’s take a flight and get lost up in the sky,
We gon feel on top of the world that ain’t no lie,
As long as I’m with you baby girl then the feelings right,
Ima hold you tight and keep all our dreams within sight.

Verse 1:
Yea, I feel like I’m on cloud 69 girl,
You’re my #1, my #1 in this world,
My greatest support,
Yea you know you’re a sport,
You always taught me to never abort my dreams,
And it seems to have boosted my self-esteem then bring it to the extreme,
Yea, hip hop is runnin’ in your bloodstream,
Never stop dreamin’ in this regime,
Gotta keep rhymin’ till I day dream,
Ain’t stopping till I’m on the radio mainstream,
Yea, we living together even through this weather,
For better or for worse I’m certain it’s for the better,
You’re like a feather, the one that got away,
But I never let her,
Instead of writin’ a letter, yea,
It’s hard to measure up to this well written rhymin’ texture,
Uhh, I’d write a song for you baby girl, anyplace, wherever,
Yea, but this is better,
You’re the reason I’m where I’m at, I just wanted you to remember that,
This December!


Yo, life’s just a test,
Testing who could live the best,
People may think we have less,
But together, we know the rest.

Verse 2:
Yea, we livin’ life to our best,
I must confess that my girl and I been through some things yes,
But that doesn’t make us less,
Than anyone else in this world,
What’s next its gotta be sex,
Yea, it’s the sex position 69,
We dishin’ it out and doing it all of the time,
People hatin’ on us but we ain’t got time to hear them whine,
Baby let’s shine,
Let’s get away for a night and dine,
Hear me in my rhymes I’m tellin’ the truth, no lies,
What does it take for people to open up their eyes,
And realize that we have feelings too,
I ain’t hatin’ on you mane,
Yea, that’s all we gotta do bou.

(Repeat 2 Times)


Dealin' It Out

Dealin’ It Out (Lyrics)
Written by: Tyler Legroulx

Ain’t dealin’ out any illegal stuff,
Just some education, yea.

Verse 1:
I’m dealin’ it out, I’m feelin’ it out,
I’m about to explain what route I took without any help,
So checkout what ima say but lookout,
Don’t fade out and certainly don’t freak out,
When I’m tellin’ you what I’m about,
Yea sure ima drop out,
But I’m definitely not a burnout,
If you listen to my words,
You’ll know ima grown man,
Know the life I’ve been through and you’ll understand,
That this wasn’t all planned,
Gimme your hand,
Even though this may all seem,
Just a little bland,
Got half a grand,
That’s not even enough to stand,
Seems like my last strand then ima be canned yet once again,
You gotta be in command of the decisions that revolve around you or ya won’t withstand,
The outcome in demand,
Left shorthand,
And you’ll be lost in your homeland,
Myaswell become a farmhand.

Yea, I’m dealin’ it out,
I’m talkin’ bout education,
Y’all should be listening instead of hatin’.
Don’t ignore what I’m makin’,
I’m tryna teach lessons dog,
I ain’t fakin’
(Repeat 2 times)

Verse 2:
Yo, I ain’t fakin’ just tryna give you a heads up about life,
Yea that’s right,
Ya never know what’s in store, or what’s in sight,
Don’t ignore what your true passions are,
Or you’ll never sleep at night,
Don’t be in fright, or don’t say I might,
Gotta do what you wanna do and go to the light,
Bring your mind to bigger and better heights,
Despite what people say, ya gotta fight,
Yea, that’s one thing, I lacked as a kid,
Never wanted to disappoint anyone so I hid,
Yea I hid, I hid, yes indeed I did,
I hid in the corner sometimes like I was off the grid,
Yea, I may have overdid but,
Didn’t feel like being judged by all the other kids,
Ain’t gotta worry bout’ that as I’m usin’ my voice,
It’s your choice,
Just don’t look back, hope and rejoice.



Drug Lordz (Feat. Cuzzalin)

Drug Lordz (Lyrics)
Written by: Tyler Legroulx & Tyler Thompson

Yo, the cartel mane!
Lets take on em’ drug lordz yo,
Yea, 2015,
Cuzzalin’ & T.L.
Here we go.

Verse 1:
Yea, I gotta couple stacks up in the back of my trunk,
Im takin’ em’ out, out like ima little drunk,
I got some junk up in this trunk dog,
Let’s get down and bunk while I spit this like a monk,
Rap em’ rhymes like it’s the 1980’s funk,
Sayin’ the dj’s drunk he drunk like a skunk,
Yea that’s how we use to flow no,
I ain’t got time to screw around,
Let’s write em’ rhymes and break it down,
Yo, we here dealin’ with the kingpin, druggy mane,
Ima throw him in the trash bin,
Guns poppin’ away a little hard of hearin’,
Girls be cheerin’ away they must be fearin’ today no,
Yea they cheerin’ me and my crew cause,
This is certainly what we ain’t used to,
I usually mind my own business got no witness,
But not today drug lordz be poppin’ away, hey!

Yea, the drug lordz be out,
Roaming about, hittin’ downtown with their guns drugs and packages,
They be like the savages back in the day,
They be tradin’ away to get some profit their own way,
Just keep your nose clean mane,
Don’t get involved with what their sellin’ or you’ll go insane,
Hey, all ima do is keep makin’ it rain and rhymin’ away to keep avoiding that game, dang!

Cuzzalin’ Verse:
I’m takin’ over your block,
Don’t fuck with me and my glock,
Bitch don’t fuck with a G,
Shit there ain’t no fuckin’ with me,
So I’m the best of eleven,
There ain’t no time for this Hennessey,
By the time I’m done, you’ll need surgery that cost more than your rent b,
Sure I’m takin’ your business,
Better start recordin’ bitch you won’t wanna miss this,
My letter will be the only thing your ass will get for Christmas,
Bitch this is a murder,
Twenty-five to life, shit it ain’t a concerner,
This is the life of a fuckin’ drug dealin’ thug,
All you could ever do is hide it under the fuckin rug,
Fuckin’ hide it from society,
Lie about my sobriety,
Walkin’ around with an ounce,
Coke is ready to bounce,
Fuckin’ bakin’ a rail,
Fuckin’ smokin’ a bail,
Shit you won’t know what’s good until my angers out,
Try me bitch I’ll show you what the fuck I’m about.


Verse 3:
Yo, I don’t usually rap about this game bro,
I ain’t like the rest of em’ rappers I ain’t no,
Just tryna get my message across to all of yo,
Yea that’s how I flow with all of this doe, whoa,
Slow it down a little homie you know me,
I’m like Mr. Clean with all of these ladies on me,
If you knew girl,
You’d know not to try and control me,
Bang and roll me,
Take me away from this place like ya stole me,
Yea, my rhymes are so tight with Cuzzalin’,
Speakers so loud cops gon be comin’ in,
Damn if they do that,
Ima best be stumblin’,
Get arrested for what dog, partyin’?
Yea that’s what we do best yo,
Get hyped messed up then we hit the liquor sto,
And we never gonna stop till we run outta doe,
We gonna keep runnin’ the streets in London, Ontario.





Cornwall, ON

Level of Experience:



Rap and Hip-Hop

I Write:

By myself | For myself | With others | For others

I prefer to write:


Songs Recorded:

With Unlicensed free instrumentals by (Nibz): 1. Intro (I'm T.L.) 2. She Left Me 3. All The Girls Break It Down 4. The Dj's Drunk 5. South Hood 6. Military Style 7. We Never Broke Up 8. Hustle 9. Like A Horror Movie 10. Outro With instrumentals from other artists: (Just for promo use, not for profit) - [as they were not licensed or bought] 1. Ridin' Up 2. Where My Hood At 3. Remember My Name 4. Never Gonna Stop (Feat. Lil Beat) 5. Ima Changed man 6. Drug Lordz (Feat. Cuzzalin) 7. Dealin' It Out 8. Cloud 69 9. Workin' My Way Up (Feat. Iffy) With Instrumentals Created by myself or with help of someone close (T.L.): 1. Got Money In My Pocket 2. Tap It Twice (beat created by; John Alexander, aKa Dj John John.) With instrumentals of famous songs and or popular made beats (Parody's written by myself or with help of classmates): 1. This Is How We Do (School parody; 50 cent original instrumental), -Gr.12 2. Mesopotamia (History class parody instrumental) -Gr.12 (PS: All actual lyrics were composed from scratch by either myself (T.L. and the featuring songs along with the featuring artists own lyrics)

Albums Released:

1. "Like A Horror Movie" -Released October 31, 2015 2. "Remember My Name" -Released December 1, 2015 (Note: The albums are released on social networking sites such as Reverb nation, Facebook, & YouTube, however they are non-profit albums as they were unlicensed at the time.)

I am interested in:

Networking | Pitching Songs To Tv/Film/Etc. | Signing with a Label | Getting a Publishing Deal

Other Jobs:

Currently taking a year off from school (College/University) to pursue my dream in music and express myself truly!


Born and raised in Cornwall, Ontario until the age of 8. Taken from an abusive and drug abused home and taken into the "Children's Aid Society of SD&G" and still considered as a "Crown Ward" today. Tyler's biological mother left when he was 3 years old, not remembering anything and eventually throughout the years as he grew, he came across his biological mother and led later to meet his father at the age of 15. Anxiety and stress are two big factors in his life and due to him not being around his biological parents for the first 14 years of his life, he developed and grew on his own with the help of strangers, who eventually grew close (like family) as well. He turns to music to take the stress or any hard times away and to express true thoughts and feelings and now making it available to the rest of the world to hear. Tyler is focused on "clean" Hip-Hop music and aims to inspire and help other children from anywhere around the world that are going through hard times. (as he of course experienced)

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