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Graydon James

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"The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time." -- Bertrand Russell

Sounds Like:

Ben Folds, but folk


Matt Murphy, Ben Folds Five, Wilco, Crosby, Stills and Nash, Pearl Jam, The Band, The Beach Boys, The Beatles, Pagliaro.

Favourite Singer/Songwriter:

Matt Murphy

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Songs by Graydon James

always make the mistake


capo VI
intro: G(d) Gsus4 G(b)
verse: G C G x2 Em C G C G C G
chorus: C Em D G C Em D D7

there's a river i see from my room
that calls a young man to his doom
& if he hangs his head he's gone too soon
oh youth does not make you immune
the past is not burdened with proof
like the films i recall from my youth
& a young man dressed in his father's suit
i can make a lie from the hardest truth

& i always make the mistake oh i
always make the mistake

you were drawn to the clouds in his eyes
lord knows what you saw in mine
a promise we could compromise
oh love is a foolish prize
we could claim a great many things
you were the song i needed to sing
the truth was you always wore his ring
& we were only borrowing


there's a river i see from my room
& i will walk through the pale afternoon
& the birds still sing, i recall the tune
perhaps i will see you soon...
perhaps i will see you soon.


come back to me


capo IV
verse: G Am Am G
chorus: C G G C G D D
post-chorus: Em A Em A Em A C G

G Am
hide away when we could find a way
Am G
& finally say the words that measure the need
by the way you take my catastrophe
you don't have to pray but i have to believe

she'll come back to me
she'll come back to me for sure

take the reins, go find yourself again
it's your acumen to test the mettle that we've
got to spare & what we've got is rare
& you don't have to care but i have to believe

[chorus] x2

Em A
it's a fool who would start
in one chamber of your heart
& expect to find his mark
in the other three

hide away until we find a way
you don't have to say but i have to believe...


[chorus] x4


in your defence


capo III
verse/chorus: G [G C] G G
pre-chorus: (Em Em D C) x4
outro: G C

trapped behind blue eyes without a word
the engine of your heart a broken bird
that drives your only hope off the rails
& breaks each small success, it never fails
don't spare details...full-blown the sails

& take apart his eminence
the officers, the evidence
the ones who came to speak

in your defense
in your defense

the lens refracts the light until it burns
your common cause was never taking turns
all praise a don't deserve

when friends exchange with enemies
the ghosts inside your family
& hold you back to speak

in your defense
in your defense...





toronto, ON

Level of Experience:



Folk | Rock

I Write:

By myself | For myself | For others

I prefer to write:

Lyrics | Melody | Chord Patterns | Arrangements

Albums Released:

goodnight, young novelist (2009) a small-town eulogy (2011) live at dublin st. church (2011) in the year you were born (2012) made us strangers (2015)

Song Placements:

Out There with Melissa DeMarco (CityTV, 2013) Giver 150 (CBC, 2017)


Galaxie Rising Star award (2010), Canadian Folk Music award (2015), Grassy Hills Songwriting competition (2015), Colleen Peterson Songwriting award (2015)

I am interested in:

Networking | Pitching Songs to Artists | Pitching Songs To Tv/Film/Etc. | Getting a Publishing Deal

Other Jobs:

producer, recording engineer, author/essayist


I started out as a drummer for various indie rock bands and eventually began recording my own songs and formed my own band (The Young Novelists) in 2009. We regularly tour Canada and the US, we've won a few songwriting awards, and we were named New/Emerging Artist at the 2015 Canadian Folk Music Awards.

In addition, I have my own studio space (Typewriter Studio) and work as a producer, recording engineer, and session drummer as well as co-managing my band and writing songs. I'm also a dad and I've published one novel (The Mall of Small Frustrations) and written essays and short stories for a few publications, including the Songwriter's Market 2015.

Like most songwriters I like excuses to procrastinate, and I dig brevity.

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