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michael RR wilson

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"Push yourself and good will follow" michael

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Steve Miller, Tom Petty, bob dylan, Roger Waters,Prince ,U2 ,Pink Floyd , Niel Young, BB King,The Commodores & much more !

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Winnipeg, Manitoba, CANADA

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Country | Folk | R&B | Rock | Other

I Write:

By myself | For myself | With others

I prefer to write:

Lyrics | Melody | Chord Patterns | Arrangements

Songs Recorded:

Turn the Page (cover), Don't You (Forget About Me) (cover), White & Red (my own way) (original),RUE (original), Echoes (original),A WAY OUT (original),Thunder and Sun (original)

I am interested in:

Face to face Cowriting | Networking | Pitching Songs To Tv/Film/Etc.

Other Jobs:

Chef/Owner Catering


the artist

Music has always been a part of Michael’s life in one form or another. Throughout his life he's enjoyed a very diverse library of music ~ to say the least. Although classic rock leads the way followed by Folk, R & B and Old School Rap/Hip Hop, classical music grounds his soul. Lets not leave out the selective top 40s and Country who have been known to catch his ear from time to time.

Michael has only recently started to write original songs, and while in his 50s ~ like his music taste ~ he has lived a very diverse life. This breath of experience has helped feed his leap into song writing, and enable him to express and create freely. The results have been rewarding and simultaneously addictive.

Michael is finding new inspiration as he continues down this road of self discovery, exploring with guitar in hand, harmonicas and drum kit in tow ... and new bass guitar on the wishlist! The road ahead promises releases of new songs and we hope you will stop by from time to time to share in his latest musical expression.

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