One-on-One Mentoring

The Songwriters Association of Canada is pleased to announce a brand new One-on-One Mentoring program launched in 2012.  Members of the S.A.C. now have personal access to industry professionals, garnering valuable insight and information.  Songwriters can participate from any location via Skype.

Get advice about your songwriting craft and career with this great new S.A.C. benefit.  Spots are limited.

NOTE:  Due to the popularity of this new program, we ask that members who sign up either show up or contact our office 48 hours prior to their appointment.  If notice is not given, you will not be allowed to make any future bookings until the next calendar year.  Members only get one session per year so it allows all members to have a chance at 1 per year.

Past mentors include:
  • Christopher Ward - hit songwriter
  • Suzie McNeil - seasoned performer/songwriter
  • Liam Titcomb - artist/songwriter signed to Nettwerk
  • Douglas Romanow - acclaimed producer/songwriter
  • Michael Perlmutter – music supervisor, Instinct Entertainment
  • Brian Thompson - marketing/social media consultant & podcaster
  • Sylvia Tyson - hit singer/songwriter
  • Jane Harbury - award winning publicist
  • Rob Wells - hit songwriter
  • Aengus Finnan - Singer/Songwriter/Touring & Audience Dev. Officer at OAC
  • Helen Austin - hit singer/songwriter
  • Sammy G - hit songwriter of Kuya Productions
  • Suzie Vinnick - Singer/Songwriter
  • Aileen De La Cruz - hit songwriter
  • John Capek - hit songwriter
  • Ron Irving -hit songwriter
  • Jasmine Denham -hit songwriter, producer, director, vocal coach
  • Cameron Reed - Label Manager of Arts & Crafts
  • Mike James - Topline songwriter/Producer of Milk Music
  • Brandon Brophy -Vocal / Performance Coach of Singer's Edge

  • If there is someone you would like to see as a mentor, please let us know. Stay tuned to the S.A.C. Events Calendar, weekly email newsletter, and Facebook Group to get the latest news.