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Is Copyright Working for Songwriters and Composers? A Global Panel at Vanderbilt Law School

Friday, October 24, 2014

Daniel Gervais, professor of law and director of the Vanderbilt Intellectual Property Program, moderated the discussion the Vanderbilt Law School Panel Discussion following the CIAM Congress in Nashville.  Eddie Schwartz, Jean-Marie Moreau, Lorenzo Ferrero and Jörg Evers, music creators from 4 different countries spanning multiple genres, reflected on their experiences dealing with copyright, differences between the systems they have encountered and the American copyright system, and the role of the legal system in their careers.

About the Panelists
 • Jörg Evers, composer and president of GEMA in Germany (a performing rights organization similar to ASCAP or BMI);
Lorenzo Ferrero, composer and president of the International Council of Music Authors (founded to protect the rights of music creators);
Jean-Marie Moreau, songwriter and former vice president of SACEM in France (a performing rights organization); and
Eddie Schwartz, songwriter and president of the Music Creators of North America (founded to provide a voice for music creators in the discussions about national and international copyright law and policy).

Watch the discussion: