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Songwriters' United Response to NMPA

Friday, March 27, 2015

Dear SAC Member,

Major multinational publishers have announced their intention to withdraw rights from performing rights organizations (PROs), exemplified by our Canadian PRO, SOCAN. Songwriters and composers rights would also be withdrawn by publishers, without music creator input or consent to do so. 

We at the Songwriters Association of Canada believe this is a serious matter that could adversely impact songwriters, composers and threaten the future of the PROs themselves. 

For that reason, and through our alliances with other music creator organizations around the world, the SAC is a signatory to the accompanying letter. 

Eddie Schwartz
President, SAC

Eddie Schwartz, C.M.
President / Président
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CLARIFICATION for the above letter:
Dear SAC Member,

In the above letter I may have inadvertently conveyed the impression that multinational publishers had announced their intention to withdraw their rights from SOCAN. In fact, this is primarily a U.S. matter at this time, relating to some (but not all) multinational publishers in relation to ASCAP and BMI, the two largest American PROs.

The SAC, along with our Canadian sister organizations, (the SCGC and SPACQ), will continue to support our U.S. counterparts in this matter, since it may well have significance beyond the U.S.

We welcome a dialogue with our friends and colleagues in the music publishing community in order to continue the work of strengthening the global network of collective management organizations, like SOCAN, that have served our joint interests so well for many decades.
Eddie Schwartz
President, SAC

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