Song Library

S.A.C. Members have the opportunity to submit their songs to multiple libraries for consideration by artist managers, music supervisors, and other industry professionals looking for fresh new music.  The Songwriters Association of Canada is pleased to announce we have received an Ontario Music Fund grant that has allowed us to actively build a subscriber list to our Song Library.  Upload your music today for the opportunity to be heard by a growing roster of industry professionals.  

Song Library Upload Instructions

Before starting, please login to

1.  Click “edit profile” at the top right corner of
2.  Click on the grey tab under the title “My Profile” and select “My Songs”. You will then be shown a list of all the songs you have uploaded in the past, as well as the option to upload a new song. 
3.  Click the “Upload Song” button
4.  Choose your MP3 file, give it a name.  You have the option of adding notes and displaying it publicly on your profile.  If you choose no, the song will only be visible to people with access to the song libraries you have selected.

5.  Beside “Song Libraries,” choose the appropriate libraries.  After clicking the downward arrow to reveal the different libraries, hover your mouse cursor over each song library to see a description (i.e. All Industry Professionals).  The libraries you choose will determine who will be able to listen to your song.
Choose as many as you'd like.  Make sure when selecting the libraries you desire, that you check off the square box beside the library name.
6.  Add the names of all creators and their role in the creation.  Percentages must add up to 100.

7.  The next section allows people to find your song through the advanced search mechanism.  You can select one or more of the many genres.  Additional details can be added including Performance Type, Sounds Like, Song Languages, Song Construction, Song Era, Song Version, Song Tempo, Song Mood and Song Quality.  

Please note, we are constantly developing the fields for these categories.  We ask you to submit any additions you would like to request, especially for the “Sounds like” category.  Please email

8. You have the option of adding any of the 4 unique globally recognized identifiers.  Each identifier has a question mark button beside the field which links to an explanation as to what the code is and how you can input it.  These are not mandatory.

9.  Please paste your lyrics in the lyrics text box. 

10.  Lastly, please click the save button when you are done.

We acknowledge the support of the Government of Ontario.
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