Song Assessment Service

After working hours upon hours on a song, you  may need fresh ears to give you perspective.  The S.A.C. has created the Song Assessment Service to provide members with valuable one-on-one feedback from a pool of more than 30 established and recognized professionals chosen by the S.A.C.

These assessors include professional songwriters, music publishers, producers and other music industry professionals specializing in genres including pop, folk, country, singer-songwriter, dance/electronic, rock, RnB, instrumental and jazz.

The Song Assessment service strives to cater to individual needs by assigning your song to the assessor that we feel will be most helpful.

You will be assessed on:
  • performance
  • song structure
  • lyrics*
  • music
  • commercial appeal

*If your song is not in English or French, please include translated lyrics in the lyrics section. Unfortunately our assessors are not multilingual.

Free S.A.C.'s Song Assessment Service is exclusive to members who joined prior to June 30, 2017.

Here's how it works:

Make sure you're logged into the website. Upload a song directly into "My Assessments" -> "New Assessment".  Make sure to make a note if there's anything in particular about which you're hoping to receive feedback.  For example a particular verse or chord change.  Online Assessments will be processed between 6-8 weeks or sooner. Assessment online cost $20

Note:  All assessors will remain anonymous.