Membership Benefits

What Does Membership in the S.A.C. Provide?

Membership in the S.A.C. gives you the valuable opportunity to network with both accomplished and aspiring songwriters, publishers, A&R managers, and other music industry professionals. But networking isn't the only reason to join. There are a number of other benefits to joining such as:

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  • is your gateway to submitting your songs for film, artist projects, television shows like Degrassi as well as performance opportunities.  This service is exclusive for members only.
  • Canadian Song Vault*
    (Formerly the Canadian Song Depository)

    Protecting the ownership of copyright through a registered date of creation. Exclusive benefit for members of the S.A.C. This is the only copyright protection service in Canada that can substantiate your claims of original authorship of a particular musical work. SOCAN registration, for example, only collects the basic data on the song (song title, song length, genre, and writers' info). SOCAN keeps no legal record of the recording itself, and therefore cannot help in establishing exactly what music was created when. The Canadian Song Vault exists to file and store copies of your original sound recordings, but also to potentially provide notarized copies of your original material should you ever need to substantiate your claim of original authorship.
  • Free subscription to Songwriters Magazine*
    Access to online magazine, free copy of annual resource guide and 15% off advertising.  The magazine offers insight into the creative processes, technical details and political issues affecting the songwriting community.
  • Songwriter Agreements*
    This page is to help members understand various songwriter agreements used in the industry.  Thanks to the Ontario Music Fund, the S.A.C. has brought together a thought provoking team of expert music industry lawyer, Paul Sanderson, assisted by two students from the Osgoode Law School internship program, Osgoode Public Interest Requirements (OPIR). On the Agreement page you will find four typical agreement types that you may possibly need to consider at some point in your songwriting career.  When you open these pdf documents you will find a document split into 2 columns:  the left side is an example agreement and on the right are explanatory notes as well as legal commentary related to specific sections, wording etc.
  • Date with a Demo*
    A front-line business connection that allows songwriters to have their song demos critiqued in person by industry professionals including publishers, A&R reps from record labels and successful songwriters and other music industry professionals.
  • Channel S.A.C. and "How-To" video series
    Get exclusive access to informative videos on Channel S.A.C. and on our new "How-To" video series featuring award-winning producer Douglas Romanow.
  • Workshops and Seminars:
  • Regional Writers Groups*
    Hosted by local singer/songwriters, these groups are a great way to connect more intimately with other S.A.C. members in your community. The time is usually spent working on songwriting skills together and sometimes sharing a song or two. Regional Writers Groups are free for members.
  • Bluebird North
    A public showcase that celebrates Canadian songwriters. A chance to hear well-known writers perform and talk about their material, increasing the appreciation and awareness of the song's creators and insight into the songwriting processes behind the work. Members receive discounted admission.
  • One-on-One Mentoring program*

    Get advice from an industry professional about your songwriting craft and career via Skype

  • Online Members' Forum*
    An exclusive Internet group currently on Facebook to connect S.A.C. members from coast to coast. The group helps members to find, discuss and share information related to the business and craft of songwriting.
  • Workshop and conference discounts                                                                                                                                                                                                            S.A.C. members receive discounts to various workshops presented by other industry professionals/associations. Discounts are available by logging into the Members Only area.
  • Member discounts*                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Discount rates on music publications, directories, CD duplication, and more. For a details, see the Membership Benefits List.            
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* Exclusively available to members of the S.A.C.